Date Speaker Subject Video
13-10-2012 National College Prof.Jules A.Hoffmann visit 2011 Nobel Prize Awardee in Physiology Medicine Click here
31-7-2012 Speaker:Prof.Sadagopan
Director,International Institute of Information Technology
India Innovates through the ages Click here
30-7-2012 Speaker:Dr.S.K. Shiva Kumar
Director, ISRO Satellite Centre
Challenges in INDIAN Space Programme Not Available
28-7-2012 Speaker:Mr.Ashok Herur
Former G.M. Training & Development
Salient features of Internet Protocol Version 6 Click here
27-7-2012 Speaker:Sri C.Murali
Prof.& Head of Dept.EC&E Dept.
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Wireless Generations Click here
26-7-2012 Speaker:DrMukundaThatti
Professor,National Center for Biological Sciences,
GKVK Campus
The evolution of Cells Click here
25-7-2012 Speaker:Dr. H. Gokul
Associate Professor and HOD Botany
The National Degree College Basavanagudi
Experimenting with Cell Click here
24-7-2012 Speaker:Dr. K. N. Sridhar
Urologist Managing Director,
Sri Research for Tissue Engineering.
Potential of Tissue Engineering Click here
23-7-2012 Speaker:Dr.P.S.Sastry
Chairman,Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Finding Patterns in Data Click here
21-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. Ajit Keshav Kembhavi
Director Inter University
Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune
LIGO: A Giant Gravitational wave detector for INDIA Click here
20-7-2012 Speaker: Dr C.R Chandrashekar
Professor,Department of Psychiatry,NIMHANS
How Understanding The Mind Click here
19-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. C. Shivaram
Senior Professor,
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.
Ramanujan's Interesting Numbers: Golden Ration from Galaxies to Nano World Click here
18-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. M. Maiya
Consultant Physician, MaiyaSpeciality Hospital
Use and Abuse of Antibiotics Click here
17-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. Pramod Pullarkat
Associate Professor, Raman Research Institute
Physics of the Cell Click here
16-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. P.G. Siddheshwar
Professor, Department of Mathematics Bangalore University
Omnipresent Mathematics And Infinite Opportunities Click here
15-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. P. Sadananda Maiya
Chairman, Maiya's Beverages and Foods (P) Ltd.
Technology in Food Science Click here
14-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.Ganesh KrishnanK.P.Iyer
Sr.Consultant,Cardio Thoracic Surgeon,Vikram Hospital
Current Technological Advances in Management of Cardio Vascular Diseases Click here
12-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.Sanjoy Paul
Country Director & Head
Accenture Technologies(I)
Innovations for India in Information Technology Click here
11-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.K.J.Rao
Prof.Emeritus,Raja Ramanna Fellow,
Indian Institute of Science
Brain Makes the Humans and Chemistry Makes the Brain Click here
10-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.S.Rajagopalan,
Professor,International Institute of Information Technology.
Eye in the sky Click here
09-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.Rajyashree Reddy
Assistant Professor,Dept. of Geography & Program Planning,
University of Toronto,Canada
Illicit Trade,Hazardous Waste and Environmental Regulation In India Click here
07-7-2012 Speaker: Dr. H.S. Jamadagni
Professor, CEDT, Indian Institute of Science
Remembering Alan Turing and His Work Click here
06-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.C.V. Vishveshwara
Former Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Black Holes; Imprints of the Invisible Click here
05-7-2012 Speaker: Dr.P.Balaram, Director,
Indian Institute of Science
Chemical Diversity in Biology Click here
04-7-2012 Speaker: Prof.R.Vittal Rao,
Professor of Mathematics,
Dept.Of Electronic Systems Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science.
Ramanujan's Mathemagics Simple Illustrations. Click here
03-7-2012 prof.K.Siddappa
Former Vice-Chancellor,Bangalore University
Epoch Macking Events in physics Click here
02-7-2012 Sri K.R.Sreedhara Murthy
Professor , National Institute of
Advanced Studies
Potential for space
Commerce- Present & Future
Click here